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One out of three to four women is sexually abused within her lifetime. 

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Though we are all created to flourish and grow, sexual abuse leaves us broken, in pain, and bound by fear and anxiety. Self-blame and shame keeps the secret hidden. But no one is too damaged to be restored. Learn the steps I took to find freedom, healing and restoration from past abuse and how I have helped others reclaim and transform their lives from trauma.

to sustain your healing journey beyond this 12 week course, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and relationally.
from shame, fear, anxiety, control issues and anger, so that you can walk through the healing phases and discover the root issues that have been holding you down.
instead of chaos and recognize triggers which have disrupted your stability in life and go on a journey of healing and rediscovery of who you were created to be.

In Healing for Our Soul Gardens, Kristin Clouse transparently weaves elements of her own painful past together with proven and practical tools for helping others move from victim to victor. Kristin is theologically and psychologically sound in her approach and she offers exercises throughout the work to help the reader address his or her own pain. During my initial reading, I began thinking of friends and clients I am confident this book will help. Healing for Our Soul Gardens is a moving and helpful book for anyone who has experienced pain and hurt. -Kent Mankins, Ph.D., M.Ed., L.M.H.C., N.C.C. Lead Pastor, Valley Assembly, Spokane Valley, WA

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“I thought the issues I needed to deal with were more current problems, not ‘ancient history.’ I was wrong. I see now that most of my current struggles are/were rooted in that history. Those lies I believed, reacting from, seeing everything through my lens of abuse and damage that needed (needs) healing. While I know my healing is not near completed, I feel much lighter, more free, more joy than I used to! I’m working on finding my voice again. You have blessed me and helped me!” – Healing for our Soul Gardens group participant

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Here is a sneak peek into the 12-week course:

Here is a sneak peek into the 12-week course:

Everyone Has A Story: Working through your story, the broken pieces, how to not fear from your past, working through trauma, PTSD and abuse.
Why does Our Soul Need Healing: Learning my soul garden analogy, healing your soul wounds, learning my sunglasses analogy and self care.
Freedom From Shame: Helping you to identify triggers, bringing your thoughts to light, finding beauty from your brokenness and creating new pathways in your brain through coping skills.
Keys to Breaking Fear in Your Life: Fear led thoughts, understanding how trauma effects the brain, and facing your fears.
Taming Anger From Past Hurts: Admitting to anger in your life, learn your thinking traps, applying scripture to your healing, creating steps toward change and managing your anger.
Repairing Our Damaged Emotions: Working through the chaos of life, finding purpose in your emotions, who is driving them, and what it means to be in the wilderness.
Transforming Our Minds And Self-Image: Working through shattered images of your life, the core beliefs you have about yourself, finding your purpose in life, and my snorkeling vs scuba diving analogy.
Renewing Pure Love In Our Lives: Your concept of perception and love, learning the difference between the worlds love and God's love, how to sink into the roots of God, and finding forgiveness.
Restoring Our Relationship With God: Learning to find restoration, how to trust God, resting in Jesus, working through what I call "God Concept" and growing in your faith.
Healthy Boundaries: Learning to have healthy boundaries with others, discovering your voice and what you want to say and learning to use it.
Walking Into Who God Created Us To Be: Finding your calling in life, digging up your buried dreams, reclaiming your gifts and building new pathways in life.
Moving Forward: Determining your next steps, moving toward spiritual growth, continuing in your trauma work and how to hold your ground as you move forward.
  • Self-Paced 12 Module Video Course
  • ​5 Video Teachings With Kristin Each Week
  • ​Downloadable Journal With Writing Prompts
  • ​Additional Downloadable Resources Exclusive To This Course Only
  • ​Weekly Emails and Correspondence with Kristin Clouse
  • ​Weekly Inspirational Quotes and Scripture Graphics 
  • Six Month Intensive 12 Module Program
  • ​5 Video Teachings With Kristin Every Other Week
  • ​Monthly LIVE Group Coaching Mastermind Over Zoom With Kristin
  • ​Signed copy of Healing for our Soul Gardens: Restoration and Wholeness After Sexual Abuse by Kristin Clouse
  • ​Downloadable Journal With Writing Prompts
  • ​Additional Downloadable Resources Exclusive To This Course ONLY!
  • ​Weekly Emails and Correspondence With Kristin Clouse
  • ​Weekly Inspirational Quotes and Scripture Graphics

"Kristin Clouse is an amazing counselor, author, and spiritual leader. Through her book, Healing for our Soul Gardens, Kristin reveals that the only true healing is through Jesus Christ. The scripture focused curriculum is so rich that even after multiple times through the content, I still get new and helpful information and insights for healing. The faith-based foundation that the book provides is critical to the journey from victim to survivor." - Karen

Together we will focus on individuals' needs mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically, and socially. This includes learning to be healthy and honest with ourselves, grow in our faith relationship with God, becoming emotionally balanced in our lives, learning self-care skills, and removing barriers to us having meaningful relationships in our lives. 

  • Identifying the pieces of your story
  • Understanding how the abuse of your past relates to your life issues today​ Learn healthy ways to address a negative thought process and shame-led thoughts
  • ​Learning how to reclaim your present and future life from your negative and abusive past experiences
  • ​Learn the difference between shame-led thoughts, fear-driven thoughts, and spirit-led thoughts, and how to walk forward in freedom.
  • ​Discover why your life feels chaotic, out of control, or anxiety driven
  • ​ Learn healthy and productive ways to change your negative thought process and shame-led thoughts
  • ​Learn to identify and change your faulty core beliefs about yourself
  • ​Develop new coping skills and how you can use them everyday.
  • ​Restore your self-image to what God designed you to be

I had the privilege and honor of going through the Healing for our Soul Gardens book with women from our congregation. As a women’s ministry leader, being able to have a tool like this that can walk women through the pain of sexual abuse from a place of compassion and understanding to a destination of freedom and healing is immeasurable! I would without hesitation recommend this book study to any women’s ministry leaders who desire to address a real and prevalent hurt that the Church has very often been silent in speaking to. Kristin’s heart and voice resound in every chapter and its full of vulnerability and insights that can only come from what God does in a life when He takes the broken and makes it beautiful.
-Denise Vaughan, Rochester Life Women’s Ministry Leader (group leader facilitator)

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